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Anna G. Piotrowska

(Jagiellonian University, Institute of Musicology, Kraków, Poland)

Short biography

Anna G. Piotrowska is mainly interested in researching sociological and cultural aspects of musical life as well as the issues at the intersection of musical culture and concepts of race and ethnicity.  She is a prolific author of several books, in English: From Gypsy to Bohemian (2021), Gypsy Music in European Culture (2013) and in Polish: The Idea of National Music in the Works of American Composers of the Early 20th century (2003), The Romantic Vision of the Gypsy in the Music of the 19th and the First Half of the 20th century (2012), Topos of Gypsy Music in European Culture (2011), On Music and Film. Introduction to film musicology (2014), or Music in TV serials: the theoretical-analytical sketch on the example of ‘The Decalogue’ (2018) as well as numerous articles (in Polish, English, and German). She is interested in popular music, film music and the history of operetta and the musical. Anna G. Piotrowska is a recipient of many prestigious fellowships (Fulbright, Mellon) and awards (Moritz Csaky Preis at Austrian Academy of Sciences).