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Invitation to an interdisciplinary conference

Musical multimedia as a keystone of artistic manifestations in the 20th-21st century Europe

We cordially invite you to Kraków for the conference, which will establish the keystone of the newly created - as part of the Institute of Musicology of the Jagiellonian University – Centre for Research on Music Multimediality (CRM2). The conference will be held between 31st August and 2nd September 2022 in Kraków. We are planning it as meeting of researchers from different countries and various specialties, expecting both to initiate a discussion on the role of music in the context of the broadly understood culture of the twentieth and twentieth centuries and to create a starting point for joint, international, and interdisciplinary collaborative research. The two basic thematic axes of the conference, i.e.:

  • the role of music in post-socialist (post-Soviet) Europe and
  • a multimedia as musical keystone of various artistic manifestations;

set out, in our understanding, new directions of research and underline the transnational nature of music (within the broader understanding of culture).

The invitation is addressed both to researchers of various specialties and to graduate students, as well as Ph.D. students. If anyone is unable to visit Kraków in person, we invite you to participate in the online broadcast of the event.

We would appreciate if you helped us reach the widest possible group of potentially interested parties, so we ask you to send the attached documents (CFP and the Registration form) to anyone who might be interested in participating in this project.

Prof. Wojciech M. Marchwica

Prof. Anna Piotrowska