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Eka Chabashvili

(Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Georgia)

Interactive Art & Hybrid Genres in my multimedia works


Interactive art is one of the oldest species of the creative process in the history of humanity. This is an interactive act implemented by the collective mind when creative energy is accumulated around one idea in one space. Exemplars of interactive art are primarily appeared in the syncretic mindset and subconsciously include an interdisciplinary approach. The form of self-expression in the arts, where creation principles of the different art fields were merged into one work, has been forgotten over time. However, the type of action, when artists use the principles of different arts interaction to express creative ideas while creating artwork, was activated in the last of the 20th century and 21st century. A new direction of artistic expression emerged in art - multimedia that involves an interaction of the metaphorical transformation and merger of the characteristic features of different fields of art. The main issue of my report is the origin of multimedia hybrid genres, which I will consider in the example of my creativity. I would like to share with you my opinions about the reasons for their origin and explain my approach to the name of a genre.

Short biography

Composer, PhD, Assoc. Prof. at the TSC. She established “CMDC”, “Woman & Music” festival. Her compositions are being performed in different parts of the world. Eka studies problems of syncretism between visual art and music; She is an author of the multi-topophonic composition technique. She has participated in various international scientific conferences;