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Inessa Dvuzhilnaya

(Belarusian State Academy of Music; Grodno, Belarus)

Holocaust memorial creative projects in contemporary Belarus


(1) Memorizing Yiddish life in Belarus. The Holocaust in Belarus (numbers of victims, silencing of the tragedy). Activities of the architect L. Levin (1936-2014). (2) Music about the Holocaust. The creativity of former students of the Warsaw Conservatory (Lev Abeliowicz, Heinric Wagner, Edy Tyrmand). (3) Music projects for anniversaries (27 January, 11 April) (3.1) Projects and creative works of students of Grodno State Music College. The creative project by the pianist Anton Shukov (the fourth-year student 2020). The Diptych for the violin solo: Etude Toccatina and Epitaph (Programmatic composition); the Essay We are still alive: reflecting on choral opus by Olga Podgaiskaya. (3.2) The Yellow Stars project in Minsk (2018-2021; Minsk, Belgosfilarmoniya) and its role in Holocaust memorialisation. Organizers, sponsorship by embassies and institutions, performers, concert programs and their content. Problems in the implementation of the projects and ways of solving them.

Short biography

PhD (Musicology), Associate Professor at the State Music College in Grodno, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarusian State Academy of Music. A doctoral candidate from the aforementioned Academy. The author of six books. She attended numerous international conferences  focusing on contemporary music, Jewish culture and the Holocaust